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The D, the DEFICIT, refers to the defifit of ability in the forebrain to manage the high traffic volume produced in the midbrain; an inability to selectively focus on a particular stimulus because attention is distracted by competing stimuli.

The H, the HYPERACTIVITY, refers to the busy busy busy brain.
A midbrain brain like sponge, soaking up stimuli, expanding faster than the forebrain can manage; generating thoughts and reactions so interesting they become distracting. The interesting thoughts compete for focus and you attention turns inward. It’s great when you go there to shut the world out,
as long as you remember how to get back.

My blog: Understanding of ADHD in Adults is based on me, Beth Battinelli, and my own adult ADHD, how I understand ADHD, how it shows up my life, and what it is like sometimes. Disorderd.

When I am interested, I loose track of time.
When I am really focused, minutes turn into a hour. Or more.

When am I bored, I watch the clock.
When I can’t focus, time seems to stand still.

I am impatient.
Others think too slowly.

I complicate things just to make them interesting.
I get tired and leave a mess.

I take in a lot of information at once.
I forget what the goal is, I loose the point.

I go off on tangents.
I loose perspective.

I daydream
I get lost in thought..

I run on empty.
I exhaust myself.

I squirm.
I sigh

I doodle.
I dawdle

I think too much
I talk too much

I interrupt.
I forget why.

I can’t stop.
I can’t get started.

I love my ideas.
I dislike all this.

I dislike me.
I feel like a looser.

I feel bad some days.
Somedays I can’t remember that I ever felt good

I forget to eat.
I eat too much.

I can’t get anything done.
I think things have to be perfect.

I waste a whole day avoiding a task
I can only get done if it’s the last minute

I feel good some days
I eat breakfast

I make my lunch
I have food to make meals for tomorrow

No traffic jam in the kitchen
I emptied the dishwasher

I wiped the bathroom sink
I made the bed

It took 20 minutes
Already Showered, dressed

It’s only 6:30
Make-up and Facebook

It’s a quarter to 8 already!
I have to do it again, tomorrow?

What’s in your ADHD? Is it anything like mine?

Will you tell me? Can I share your comments?

Sometimes I love my ADHD. How about you?